Bulging Disc Treatment

The spinal “column” is a very strong structure, made up of 24 moveable back bones with 23 discs separating each of these bones. It is an essential structure, being the frame-work of our body, however, if we suffer from ‘disc’ problems, we feel so disabled and cannot do a thing, we can hardly move and sometimes we cannot even move off the bed.


We often hear said “I have a slipped disc” or “I have a bulging disc “or “I have a herniated disc”. What does this mean? Are they one and the same condition? These three terms are all generally interchangeable by the majority of us but have very different outcomes.

Generally disc disorders can be defined as ‘contained’ or ‘non-contained’, a disc has a very strong tough fibrous outer structure, with a softer gel like substance in the centre. A bulging disc that is a contained disc disorder, means that the soft inner gel like part, remains contained within the tough outer structure. A herniated or ruptured disc is an example of a non-contained disc which means that the soft gel inside has partially or completely broken through the tough outer layer spreading into the spinal cord and affecting the nervous system resulting in intense pain. Disc’s problems can be very serious and must be treated very carefully this is when bulging disc treatment in North Sydney and Crows Nest by the chiropractors of the Spine and Health Team is an essential step to take to alleviate your disc symptoms.

A lot of people do not even know that they have a bulging disc and can generally live with this ailment for many years without it causing any problems, whereas, others suffer from intense pain and suffer symptoms such as leg weakness, foot problems, tingling (pins & needles) sensations in the legs and even numbness in the limbs.
For a lot of patients the disc pain comes on with little or no trauma or provocation.

Poor posture can dramatically load up a disc creating increase strain and wear and tear. A thorough look at a person’s posture can determine if their discs are under increased strain.  Before Bulging Discs are treated in any of our centres a Posture Scan and Standing Digital X-rays will be taken.

Unfortunately discs are unable to repair themselves so even mild pain should be thoroughly examined and where appropriate bulging disc treatment in North Sydney and Crows Nest should be considered. The Spine and Health Centres understand the link between posture and health and have had great success in treating bulging discs and related disc problems.

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