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Dr. Adam Schober

Senior Chiropractor

northsydney-chiropractor-postureAdam graduated from Macquarie University in 2007 with a

degree and masters in Chiropractic.

He spent two years training and practising Advanced Biostructural Correction TM (ABC TM) in Glasgow Scotland under the guidance of Dr Jesse Jutkowitz (founder and trainer of ABC TM).

For the past 4 years Adam has been improving posture and bodies in North Sydney.

Born and raised in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Adam grew up playing Rugby and Cricket whilst maintaining an active surfing lifestyle.

Whilst enjoying activities involving sunshine, he is never one to pass up trips to the snowfields in Australia or any other country.

Adam is also a dedicated musician playing piano from a young age and further picking up the bass guitar in his later years at school.

Adam enjoys meeting new people and is passionate about posture correction, he looks forward to seeing you in the North Sydney clinic.

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Dr. Mark El-Hayek

northsydney-chiropractor-postureDr. Mark El-Hayek is a Macquarie University graduate having completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and  a Masters of Chiropractic.

He has been interested in health and allowing the body to function to its fullest from a young age with both his parents being from medical backgrounds.

Mark is an active gym goer and sports enthusiast. He has played soccer and tennis for most of his life,  playing soccer with his local club and regularly competing in tennis tournaments on weekends. He is a  fanatic about Manchester United and stays up every weekend to watch them play.

Mark’s first experience of chiropractic came about in his early teen years having had severe bouts of mid  back pain due to uneven growth of bones in his back. He was told he would likely develop a hunched forward posture due to this and would be a shorter than average person. After postural therapy and 11 years on he is in fine physical condition and 188 cm!

From the first day of receiving postural therapy he knew that chiropractic was the job for him began to further delve into his interest of anatomy, majoring in human anatomy before going on to complete his chiropractic degree. His chiropractic goal is to make everyone that walks through his door pain free and posture perfect.

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Dr. Tom Terrell

northsydney-chiropractor-postureTom graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Sciences and Masters of Chiropractic. He was exposed to chiropractic at a young age and from the age of 14 set his sights on becoming a chiropractor himself, after learning first hand the positive benefits that chiropractic can have.

Born and raised on the North Shore of Sydney, Tom grew up playing Football (soccer) and Cricket for both local and school teams, finding a true passion and love for a large range of sports. Still To this day he is an active participant in a number of sports.

Tom has worked as a community Care worker for young children with special needs for the past 6 years, and found this work whilst a challenge extremely rewarding.

Tom discovered Postural therapy and found it suited him down to the ground with its amazing results, and wide range of benefits. He is passionate about patient education, improving the health of your spine and maximising the amount you can get out of life.

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Dr. Rhea Cambourn


Rhea is a graduate of Macquarie University with a Bachelor of

Chiropractic Sciences and Masters of Chiropractic.

Growing up in Eastwood, Rhea enjoyed playing team sports such as netball and baseball which she travelled overseas to compete in. She was also a dancer for 15 years and enjoys playing touch football, snow skiing and water skiing.

Rhea loves spending weekends away on the Central Coast and at Port Stephen’s spending time in the sun, swimming, boating and walking her dogs.

Rhea has always had an interest in health, working in local pharmacies from a young age. Seeing customers dealing with pain, Rhea believes Chiropractic is a great natural alternative and preventative for the need and use of pain medication.

Rhea has a passion for helping people of all ages to be their healthiest and happiest and believes postural therapy plays a crucial role in achieving this. Her new focus is improving how desk workers look and feel by achieving great posture for life.

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Support Staff

Taela Marriott


After Graduating Year 12 in 2010 Taela completed her Certificate 3 in Business and Hospitality.

Growing up on the upper North Shore of Sydney, Taela has a passion for playing netball and now represents North Sydney in State League.

As part if the Spine and Health team, Taela has seen the benefits of chiropractic treatment first hand and is now looking forward to starting a career in health and well- being.

Bailey (Spine and Health Mascot)

staff-Bailey-BWBailey the Boston Terrier applied for the position of Spine and Health Mascot in 2011. There was stiff competition from other entrants including the local cat, a goldfish and a multitude of small fluffy white dogs.

Baileys love of patients, his PhD ( Puppy Has Dopey eyes ) from the university of Boston, and unusually good bladder control meant Bailey was a shoe in!

In his spare time Bailey likes sleeping, eating, walks in the park and dog bottom sniffing. Bailey is an adrenaline junky, just like his dad, Dr. Adam Meredith,

Bailey would love to go sky diving, water skiing and kite surfing when he is big enough. At the moment he is training for his adrenaline lifestyle by playing catch in the park (turbo style), tackling large dogs, and stealing food from picnic hampers!

Next time you see him at Spine & Health be sure to say hi and give him a pat!

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