Posture and Breathing and Circulation

Most people, despite the benefits of good posture, have very bad posture. Sinking or curling into a chair is common, and many people are prone to slumping their backs. This is especially true when experiencing back pain, but what many people don’t realise is that poor posture is a major culprit of back pain. A good posture is also important to an individual’s overall health. Good posture is a fantastic way to naturally improve breathing and circulation.

Poor posture suffocates the diaphragm’s expansion abilities, making it deeper to draw a deep breath. Over time, slouching becomes habit and can cause subtle tightening of your muscles, making it harder to sit up straight. Once your abdominal muscles become shortened and contracted due to habitual slouching, it is much more difficult to maintain a good posture. Consequently, this also makes it harder to take a normal, deep breath. It can lead to habitual shallow breathing, which is detrimental to a person’s lung function and overall health. Good posture, over time, improves a person’s lung capacity by as much as 30%, improving breathing and decreasing stress on the lungs and diaphragm.

Poor posture is also a major culprit of high blood pressure, due to decreasing blood flow to and from the heart. Because of this, improved posture naturally increases the circulation to and from your heart, which can in turn lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that circulation and breathing are both significantly influenced by posture. These studies state that stretching out the abdominal and chest muscles, both through exercises and stretching and also through improved posture, can improve your lung function and circulation significantly.

Improving your circulation and lung capacity is just as easy as improving your posture. Yoga exercises and regular stretching are effective ways to stretch out abdominal muscles that have been shortened and compressed due to habitual slouching.

We use a  chiropractic Postural therapy that aims to  restore your posture posture to normally healthy limits.

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