Slipped Disc Treatment

Do you know what a ‘slipped disc’ is?

First of all you need to know how your body works so that it will help you understand why and how injuries happen and secondly how to stay healthy. The spine is divided into three parts: the neck (cervical vertebrae); the chest (thoracic vertebrae) and the lower back (lumbar vertebrae). These three areas are naturally curved to support the body with strong, flexible muscles and ligaments to maintain the structure. Each disc is tough on the outside with a spongy center with a constant exchange of fluids to enhance our movement.

Slipped discs most often affect the lower back (lumbar vertebrae) and are relatively rare in the neck (cervical vertebrae) and in the chest (thoracic vertebrae) sections of the spine. If we are diagnosed with a slipped disc, it doesn’t really mean that our ‘disc has slipped’ it means that the soft part of the disc bulges through the circle of the connective tissue and that is when you will need slipped disc treatment in North Sydney and Crows Nest by the Chiropractors at the Spine and Health centres.


What are the symptoms of a slipped disc? Sometimes a slipped disc can be symptom free, we don’t even know it is happening, but other times it causes a great deal of pain generally due to the pressure on the nerve roots or on the spinal cord.

In severe cases, and if you have pressure on the nerve roots, you may experience weakness up to paralysis in some of your muscles with associated pain radiating to your legs and/or arms. You may also experience a disturbance of feeling in the limbs; muscle spasms or paralysis in some parts of your body. Pressure on the spinal cord can also cause problems with control of the bladder and/or bowel.

For a lot of patients the disc pain comes on with little or no trauma or provocation. Poor posture can dramatically load up a disc creating increase strain and wear and tear. A thorough look at a person’s posture can determine if their discs are under increased strain, or if their posture is a causing their disc problems in the first place.

Did you know that forward head posture significantly increase’s the load on your lower back? For every inch your head moves forward the effective weight of the head doubles creating increased load on your lower discs! It’s not uncommon for the clients who have undergone slipped disc treatment in North Sydney and Crows Nest to have had their forward head posture reduced by up to 6 inches.

It is important to go to the appropriate people in order to make a correct diagnosis because several other diseases have similar symptoms, The team  at the Spine and Health Centres understand the link between posture, discs and health and have had great success in slipped disc treatment in North Sydney and Crows Nest.

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