7 Ways To A Better Nights Sleep


Tip #1 – keep to your circadian rhythm.

Your body has a natural sleep-wake cycle. If you maintain a consistent pattern of sleeping and waking at similar times your body will thank you for it.

You may need to experiment with what works best for you so over the next 2 weeks play with the timings, go to bed at the same time but do not set alarms (wake up naturally) and eventually you will work out how much sleep your body needs and go from there.


Tip #2 – Increase your light exposure during the day

Your body produces melatonin when it is dark to make you sleepy but the problem we have these days is that we are inside for a great deal of the day and then at night when we are meant to be in the dark we sit in front of the bright lights of the television or computer. So during the day make sure you increase your exposure to natural light and you will feel more alert. And at night turn those electronic items off!!! Read a book under a dull light and you will fall asleep much more easily.

Tip#3 – Unwind before you go to bed

If you give your body a chance to unwind and relax before bed you are more likely to fall asleep easily and have a deep sleep. Make the last hour of your evening calm – calm noises, relaxing temperature, unclutter your space so you can unclutter your mind.

Some tips on relaxing rituals are:

–       reading a book or magazine

–       prepare for the following day

–       listen to relaxing music

–       take a shower/bath

Tip#4 – Eat the right foods

You are what you eat! Remember that your body has to process all the foods you put in your body. If you’re eating natural products like fruit, vege, proteins (as we were designed to) then your body will be regular in digestive patterns. If, however, you have a tendency for poor food choices then your body works in overtime. It will be far more difficult to “switch off” if you’re trying to break down a high fat high sugar meal!

Tip#5 – EXERCISE!!!

We are active beings and yet we are leading sedentary lifestyles! It is important to do regular exercise as it stimulates activity within our bodies! It is the single harshest and most powerful impact we can have on our cardiovascular system. Not only will exercise invigorate and energize you through the day, it will also tire you at by evening and cause you to sleep better throughout the night.

Tip#6 – Get anxiety and stress levels down

If you cannot clear your mind of tasks you need to achieve or aspects of your life that cause stress your body will be stimulated and thus will not allow you to fall asleep or maintain that sleep throughout the night.

You will have to implement ways of decreasing this stress and anxiety through techniques of deep breathing, muscle relaxation, being more organised (use a diary!) so you know that tasks will not be forgotten and of course with the aid of you chiropractor.

Tip#7 – See your local chiropractor!

If you’re suffering from poor sleep please come and have a chat with us at Spine and Health. We are health professionals who are here to help you. If sleep is a problem for you it is likely that there is an underlying reason and we will construct an action plan with you to help your body repair itself.

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