Straighten Up to Boost your Energy

Within the body, there are certain muscles that work continuously to keep our bodies erect and upright. These are known as postural muscles. If we have bad posture, these muscles have to work harder and can eventually become tired and achy. This often leads to low energy levels and feelings of fatigue or exhaustion.

However, with good posture and proper alignment, these muscles are able to work together effectively to keep our entire body functioning properly. Without the added strain of misalignment and imbalance, our bodies can benefit from more energy and less fatigue.

Bad Posture Leads to Fatigue

Proper posture affects our physical bodies as well as our mental and emotional well-being. When we practice good posture while sitting and standing, the pressure that is placed on the spine, muscles and ligaments is distributed evenly. This results in reduced physical stress throughout the entire body which enables us to reserve our energy for other activities.

The human body is very complex and is designed to accomplish many intricate tasks. But, without proper posture, even some of the simplest movements can become difficult. This causes us to use up more energy, and we quickly become tired and fatigued.

Benefits of Proper Posture

Many people lack proper posture simply because they do not realize how vital it is for overall health. In fact, some people believe that proper posture looks unnatural or even strange. This may be the reason many people tend to slouch when sitting, or walk with hunched shoulders while holding their head in a downward position. These bad posture habits cause stress and strain on muscles and bones and deplete us of the energy we need for everyday tasks.

The following are some of the benefits of proper posture that can aid in increased energy:

  • Reduces wear and tear of joints
  • Prevents back pain
  • Facilitates proper breathing
  • Reduces stress on muscles, bones and ligaments
  • Prevents tiredness and fatigue
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Reduces inflammation

Proper Posture Facilitates Breathing

In order for us to have the energy we need each day, our bodies need oxygen. With proper posture, our lungs are able to inhale more air thus enabling our blood and brain to receive more oxygen. Bad posture, such as slumping and slouching, restricts the amount of air that our lungs are able to take in. This results in less oxygen reaching our brain and bloodstream, and less oxygen means less energy.

Our Posture Experts at Spine and Health in North Sydney or Crows Nest can fix your posture so you can experience better breathing and increased energy.  When your spine is in proper alignment, your entire body can benefit from better overall health. Your lungs are able to effectively provide your brain and bloodstream with the oxygen needed for increased energy and better overall health.

Contact our Chiropractors at Spine and Health. We can fix your posture so that you can experience reduced stress on muscles and tendons, reduced wear and tear on joints, and enjoy increased energy.  

Proper posture makes you less stressed

Most of us have been told since we were kids how important proper posture is for maintaining good health. But, did you know that good posture also plays a big role in making you less stressed?

Good posture enables you to breathe properly so that more air can move in and out of the lungs. This results in more oxygen and blood reaching your brain, thereby reducing stress and anxiety and leaving you feeling happy and content. Our Chiropractors at Spine and Health Centre in North Sydney and Crows Nest can properly align your spine and fix your posture, so that you can experience pain free movement and less stress.

Reserve Energy for Less Stress

Proper and efficient use of your muscles allows you to use less energy while also preventing muscle strain and injury. A good example of this is not bending at the waist to lift something off the floor. Bending at the waist is incorrect. It puts unnecessary strain on your lower back and also causes you to use more energy than is necessary. Bending your knees while maintaining proper posture is the correct way to lift and will help you reserve energy for other tasks.

Our Posture Experts at Spine and Health can straighten your spine so that you can move while using less energy. With proper posture, you are able to use your muscles efficiently and correctly. This helps you avoid muscle strain and reserve energy for less stress.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Increases Stress

Neck and shoulder pain is a very common complaint among many people and can be a big reason for stress. Most neck and shoulder pain not caused by trauma is caused by having bad posture habits. One of the most common causes of this pain is forward head and shoulder posture. This happens when the neck sits forward, causing the head to be in front of the shoulders. Over time, this bad posture habit can put unnecessary stress on the lower neck vertebrae. Our Chiropractors at Spine and Health will properly align your spine to eliminate neck and shoulder pain and reduce stress.

Sit Up Straight for Less Stress

According to a 1988 study by Strack, Martin and Stepper, the position of the body can greatly influence the mind, mood and levels of stress. For example, if you sit up straight with your shoulders back and head up, you will feel more confident, happier and less stressed.

Sitting slouched with slumped shoulders tends to promote low levels of self-confidence and increased levels of stress and anxiety. A spine that is properly aligned will enable to you sit up straight without pain and will help you feel less stressed.

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress caused by the effects of poor posture, see our Posture Experts at Spine and Health in North Sydney or Crows Nest.
They can help fix your posture, which will reduce your stress levels dramatically. When your body is properly aligned by our Chiropractors at Spine and Health, you will experience less muscle strain and reduced stress, and your body will be able to work more efficiently.