Chiropractic and your Family

A common and yet ironic situation is that parents come in to have chiropractic treatment and their children sit and watch.

The question we ask is that why do we believe it is important for us adults to be under chiropractic care and not our children? Children have spines too! and are generally more active and susceptible to falls than us adults so perhaps it is equally if not more important for our children to have their posture checked?

The position of an unborn child’s spine in utero is often overlooked. If your unborn child is in breech, transverse, posterior and so on, it can impact immensely on your child’s posture and therefore health. It is also no surprise that a baby who has not been carried in an ideal position will more than likely struggle down the birth canal because it is still not in the optimal position. Both the position it is held in over the 40 week period and the position it is in when it travels the birth canal, and subsequent interventions that may need to be used, can all affect the baby’s spine and health.

Furthermore our children are far more susceptible to mini traumas. Our kids climb trees, they run on the road, they fall off their bikes, get pushed over in a sporting match. Our children throw their bodies around, and we applaud them for doing so and assume that their flexible bodies bounce back – only a very small proportion of us actually check that there has not been any effect on their spine and posture!

We are aware that back pain, for example, is generally a sign of something else within our bodies.

Chiropractic care is based on the realignment of subluxations and thus the correction of posture in order to allow our nervous system to function effectively and efficiently. Any misalignment of any joint can impinge that communication between our brain, spinal cord and effector tissue and thus affect our health.

Your local chiropractors in Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman and Gladesville are the experts in pain and posture and care about your family. The Spine and Health Chiros ensure that they tailor each individual’s treatment to their level of development. Babies and children receive gentle and effective adjustments that are designed specifically for them. We have implemented a new family rate (see details here) to help you help your family.

We can assist with  your family’s path to looking better, feeling better and moving better.


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