Posture Checks at Work

A free community service

We educate people about great posture

We all know how modern day living affects ones posture. We offer a fun, informative and interactive posture experience so your staff have all the facts about great posture.

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The Spine and Health team have been analysing and correcting peoples posture and spines for over 15 years. We have provided services to:

Posture Seminars

This presentation creates a great office atmosphere.

In 30 mins our experts cover:

Tips to improve posture at work.

What good posture looks like, health benefits and how it improves productivity.
Why people get bad posture.

Posture Check

Performed using specialised software, a digital camera and a small set up space.

  • 10 mins per person
  • Time for discussion
  • Hard copy of results


“It was really beneficial for all the staff to hear the talk and then have the 10 mins one-on-one talk to the consultants. They created a lot of buzz around the office-staff were comparing their posture scores to each other after their consultations! They were so grateful the visit was organised for them” – NAB 

“Thank you for organising this. The team has just left earlier and everyone is still saying how much they enjoyed it and comparing their scores. Thanks again!” – Sefiani Communications Group