Exercise For Your Health

Exercise For Your Health

In today’s society the majority of us spend the majority of our time sitting. Sitting behind a desk, on a bus or a train, at school, on the couch watching TV. Prolonged sitting can cause muscles that support the spine to weaken over time and over time the weakness becomes significant. Recent studies have found that there is a direct correlation between our wellbeing (physical, mental, and social) and our posture and the amount of exercise we are doing[1],[2],[3].

Posture, exercise and nutrition are key to wellbeing. Our Chiropractors at Spine and Health have seen a multitude of cases where a client comes to us in pain and the underlying problem is poor posture. In relation to exercise research shows that low fitness is the strongest predictor of death above obesity, smoking-related disease and high blood pressure1.  Furthermore Nobel Prize winner, Dr Roger Sperry, found that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine3.

What are all these health professionals and researchers trying to tell us? If you exercise for even just 30 minutes each day and have regular chiropractic treatment, you will be have better physical, mental, and social health1,2; and have better cognitive function of your brain and improve your alertness and intellect!

Dr Mike Evans, founder of Health Design Lab, and physician, has created a quirky and informative Virtual Lecture on the importance of exercise in our lives.

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Our friends at Vision Personal Training are ready and waiting to help you get fit and healthy. They have gyms in close proximity to our clinics and we highly recommend you seek their advice.

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