Hip and Knee Problems Treatment

The human body is made up of many joints with the hip joint not only being largest joint in the human body but it is also the most complicated as it has the most functions and basically supports the whole body.

The hip joint is what they call a ‘ball & socket’ joint where the ball (femoral head) of the leg bone (femur) fits into the socket (acetabulum) of the pelvis. The hip joint is supported by five other functions, they being the Muscles which move in different directions so that the joint can work; Tendons which are like tough pieces of cord that joins these muscle to the bone; Ligaments which are like large elastic bands that bind the bones of the joint together; Cartilage which is a smooth material that stops the bones from grating against each other and finally the Synovial membrane which is fluid that keeps the joint moving smoothly.

Understanding how the hip joint functions is a specialty of Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team who have had great results in hip and knee problems treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre.

The knee joint is a lot smaller than the hip joint and is actually called a hinge joint; it is situated between the thigh bone (femur) and shin bones (tibia and fibula). The muscles on the front of the thigh (quadriceps) contracts (straightens) the leg; while the muscles at the back of the thigh (hamstrings) bends the knee. Once again Adam and his team at their Spine and Health Clinic understand the anatomical functions of the knee as the link between posture and health and have had great success in hip and knee problems treatment in North Sydney.

People generally understand the link between posture and say headaches or neck pain but the same posture problems that cause neck problems can also cause hip and knee problems. Poor posture starts when the head goes forward and the spine and pelvis then compensates for this. When the spine and pelvis are in the wrong position increased stress and wear and tear can occur in the hips and knees leading to problems. Restoring the posture to normal removes the strain on the hips and knees often leading to great results for the client.

Another big problem is that about 30% of the population has a significantly short leg. Short leg syndrome can be a big player in hip and knee pain. Accurate diagnosis of this condition can give great relief to hip and knee pain.

The most common symptoms of people who have problems with their hip are pain, generally felt in the groin area; pain in the thigh and knee which is actually referred from the hip; limping associated with a reduced range of movement is very common. The most common problems associated with the knee are l igament sprains, tears of the tendon and cartilage and even pain behind the kneecap (Patella-femoral).

Some of the more serious conditions that are diagnosed as coming from the hip joint are Osteoarthritis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Ankylosing spondylitis and these conditions as well as other conditions can be managed with hip and knee problems treatment in North Sydney by Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team at their Spine and Health Clinic.