How to be a Healthier More Attractive YOU!

Have you ever noticed that the people who catch your eye tend to be standing taller than the rest?

Poor posture affects the ability of the body to function. Just like stepping on a hose and lessening or stopping the flow of water, having a vertebra out of alignment we can see the same effect on the spinal nerves. In diminishing the flow of information through your body you are affecting the ability of it to function!

How do vertebrae become misaligned? There are chemical, emotional and physical stressors that can cause misalignment and they all result in a change in your posture, which ultimately affect your health.

How does health affect your appearance?

People who have health problems,are in pain, and/or lack self confidence tend to have hunched posture.

Take notice, next time you go out, of the posture of the walkers by. What did you observe? Those who stand taller with their heads directly above their shoulders seem happier, more confident and secure within themselves don’t they?

Now it’s your turn – Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself in your natural posture. Now stand up straight! See the difference?

It’s true that we are attracted to happy, healthy people and you can have that too!

Your ideal posture will:

–       make you stand taller

–       stretch out your abdominal muscles and make you appear slimmer

–       bring your shoulders back and push your chest out

–       improve your proprioception (innate knowledge of the placement of your body) making your movements smoother, easier and less clumsy

–       improve your ability to breath by opening out your rib cage

–       improve your clarity of thoughts

–       reduce your stress / improve our ability to deal with stressful situations


So how can you have your ideal posture, improve your health and subsequently be one of those people who “stands taller than the rest” !?


How can we help?

The Spine and Health chiro’s in Crows Nest and  North Sydney are trained in pain and posture.  Chiropractic care aims are realigning your spine to aid you in being the best you can be. The chiro’s will conduct a digital postural analysis and create an individual plan of action for you should they feel chiropractic care can help you and your posture.


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