Is your neck causing you pain?


 Many things can cause pain in the neck such as traumas and poor posture.. but you don’t have to suffer!

The neck is a delicate and complex structure. It is more mobile than the rest of the spine and houses some critical pathways, both neurological (spinal cord) and functional (esophagus, trachea, vertebral arties etc). Due to the greater capacity for movement in the neck there is also an increase in the risk of damage and pain.

It is increasingly more common for people to have desk jobs and thus we, as a being designed for movement and standing, are spending majority of our days on our backsides. Sitting at a computer, and sitting poorly at that, causes our backs to slump forward and the positioning of our heads to move further and further over our shoulders. The less active we are and the more time we spend sitting the more likely we are to have poor posture. This poor posture means that our heads are no longer positioned above our shoulders as they should be and the weight of our heads increases.

For every inch your head moves forward, it’s weight doubles. In doubling the weight of your head the structures surrounding your neck must work harder and longer to support you.

There are many factors that can affect your neck. Traumas such as whiplash cause an acute onset of pain; whereas daily stressors cause a slow build up of muscle tension and a gradual pain.  Furthermore it is possible that your neck pain is actually a sign of a misalignment elsewhere in your spine!

Chiropractic care is based on the premise of restoration of health through restoration of your posture. In today’s society the ever increasingly sedentary lifestyles that we are leading are causing a shift towards poor posture. It is not the norm! And there is something you can do about it!

In consulting your local Spine and Health chiropractors on the Lower North Shore you will undergo a digital spinal analysis to establish your current posture. The chiro’s in Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman and Gladesville will be able to construct an action plan with you to tackle any problems you may have structurally and help you on the road to a better posture.

If you are suffering from neck pain or think you may have poor posture please don’t hesitate – come and visit the experts in pain and posture today.

Look Better, Move Better, Feel Better today.

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