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Dr James Zhang was born in Qingdao, China and immigrated to Australia at a young age. Being Bi-lingual Dr. Zhang is well equipped to care for Mandarin speaking clients who may find that they can better explain their symptoms to their doctor, in their native tongue.

Hi there, I am Dr. Zhang.

I love to explore different cultures, and have travelled to places like China, Belgium, France, England, and Indonesia. I visit the United States regularly.

Growing up, I was an avid sports guy and played Basketball, Rugby, Soccer and Cricket.
I excelled in Basketball, playing representatives for both the Hills Hornets Basketball Association and Hornsby Ku-Ring- Gai Basketball Association.

I still love to support Basketball and am a Chiropractic sports trainer for the Saint Ignatius Riverview College 1st and 2nd grade basketball teams.

Since implementing Postural Correction Therapy, I have seen improved performance outcomes in my own sports training, with less aches and pains that used to plague me from playing sport.
Postural Correction Therapy has completely changed my approach to sports injury prevention, low back pain, neck pain and headache management.

I love being bilingual and caring for many mandarin speaking patients, who are more comfortable communicating to me in this way about their unique and specific concerns.

Below is a bit about what to expect when you come see Dr. James Zhang

The two most important test we do are:

  1. A digital postural analysis:We take standing digital photos and use state of the art software to analyse your posture. Areas of spinal stress, muscle tension, postural changes, and the likely progression of your posture with ageing is determined. Information gained is graphed and stored electronically so we can monitor progress as we bring you to better posture.
  1. standing full spinal postural x-rays.Full Spinal digital x-rays are taken to determine the condition and position of your spine, stress areas, and the likely progression of your spine with time.If we determine that we can help you we will invite you for a second visit to review the findings of the postural photos, X-ray analysis and other findings with you in detail.Our front office manager will assist you in scheduling a time for your second visit- usually the next day!


Chiropractic Services

  • Posture
  • Back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and headache
  • Bulging and slipped discs
  • Arthritis

Case studies

Case Study: Low back pain and previous lumbar discectomy


Things to notice on Masa’s Posture Photos:

  • Head back
  • Shoulders back and not as rounded
  • Eyes looking forward
  • Low back and pelvis level

CASE STUDY: Pain Between the Shoulders and Lower Back Pain.


Things to notice on Andrew’s posture photos:

  • Standing Taller
  • Head Back
  • Shoulders Back
  • Chest Out
  • Pelvis Level

Case Study: Poor Posture


Things to notice on Therese’s posture photos:

  • Head/Shoulders back
  • Chest up and out
  • Pelvis Level

Case Study: Neck and lower back stiffness


Things to notice on Raphael’s posture photos:

  • Head Back
  • Chest Open
  • Shirt crease at lower back