Neck Problems Treatment

Did you know that your neck is made up of seven bones called vertebrae all stacked on top of each other? Did you know that these vertebrae have cartilage around them to protect them and that they are attached together with this cartilage? Yes, the neck is a very delicate part of your body and needs to be looked after and this is where Adam and his team, who understand the link between posture and good health, are able to assist you with neck problem treatment in North Sydney at their Spine and Health Clinic. As well as diagnosing and treating your neck problems they also focus on the long term preservation of all of these intricate parts of your upper body.

As you all know, the neck is constantly moving, every minute of the day we are awake (and even sometimes when we are asleep) which means it is generally more susceptible to injury, wear and tear. Even though accidents and degenerative diseases such as arthritis are common causes of neck pain, the majority of causes are poor posture which is an area that Chiropractor Adam Meredith says he has had great results in his North Sydney clinic through diagnosis, treatment, education and training.

A lot of neck problems can be caused by wear and tear in everyday life.But the major cause of neck pain for most of us is from forward head posture. Poor posture causes the bones in the neck to compensate and this leads to neck pain and the increased likely hood of developing arthritis. About 95% of the population has forward head posture and this is largely due to prolonged computer use. It is not until you correct the forward head posture that you can allow the neck to heal and the pain to go away.

Most of these we treat ourselves with rest; gentle massage or heat packs. We may be prescribed laser or ultrasound treatments with an ongoing exercise program, this is all fine but unless one removes the cause of the pain, by restoring the posture to normal it will continue to aggravate us for as long as we live. Adam Meredith and his team have a health and wellness centre in North Sydney and are able to restore your posture (check out the before and after photo’s) and remove the cause of your neck pain. Determining the amount of forward head posture is the first step to recovery. Adam is able to discover the anatomical reason for your neck pain specific to your own body and then focus on neck problem treatment in North Sydney.