Pinched Nerve Treatment

Have you ever woken up in the morning with either your arm or your leg feeling numb, and then when the numbness goes away it is replaced with a feeling of ‘pins and needles’, this is generally caused by a pinched nerve and can be so very, very painful.

In fact not only sleeping on a limb will cause these symptoms, any pressure at all applied to a nerve by the surrounding tissue will result in a feeling of ‘numbness’ and ‘pins and needles’ thereby interrupting the nerve’s normal function. The nerves passing over your bones are particularly affected as well as the nerve which travels from your spine to your foot.

With the right treatment, a pinched nerve is usually healed within a few days to a week; more chronic cases may leave permanent problems and Chiropractor Adam Meredith says he has had great results with pinched nerve treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Clinic .

Other causes of a pinched nerve could be an injury, particularly sports injuries; repetitive movements and even additional weight gained during pregnancy with the pressure of a baby on your skeletal structure. Obesity is also a contributing factor; more serious causes could be a slipped disc or a damaged spine.

One of the main reason for the success of pinched nerve treatment in North Sydney is the heavy focus on Posture. Poor posture can stretch the actual spinal cord itself as well the nerves as they pass out of the back bones. Restoring posture to normal can significantly take the stretch of the nerves dramatically reducing the pain.

Once you have experienced this condition and have received pinched nerve treatment in North Sydney by Chiropractor Adam Meredith will be looking very closely at making some changes to your life-style to prevent further injury. If you need to perform repetitive tasks in the work place, you must make sure that you take regular breaks to stretch and perform a range of movement exercise program designed just for you; the most ideal outcome would be to divide up your work functions into smaller functions alternating them with other duties.

If obesity is the cause of your pinched nerve, reducing your body weight may be a contributing factor to minimizing your risk of this happening again. If that is the case, as well as Chiropractor Adam Meredith conducting his pinched nerve treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Clinic, he also has a very successful health & wellbeing program that can assist you holistically.