Poor posture amongst many other ailments is a major cause of back pain and fatigue!

Dr Adam Schober a chiropractor from North Sydney Spine and Health uses a form of chiropractic care called Advanced Biostructural Correction™ (ABC) which focuses on the correction of poor posture.

Many common effects of poor posture include back pain and neck pain, headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, stress and can cause people to become moody and irritable.

However, beneath the surface, poor posture accelerates spinal degeneration and can even cause increased blood pressure, poor lung function and affect balance.

Dr Adam Schober, Chiropractor, has specialised tools in his North Sydney clinic consisting of a computerised Posture Scan, a computerised balance board and full body standing X-rays to analyse poor posture and how it may be affecting you and those around you.

Using the chiropractic technique Advanced Biostructural Correction™, Dr Adam Schober has treated many walks of life, from office workers to labourers, from children with poor posture to the elderly.

Find out how ABC chiropractic and chiropractor Dr Adam Schober can correct your poor posture and give your body the desired look and feel by making an appointment today!

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