Posture and Fatigue

Your body’s posture is directly related to your health. Poor posture can cause a myriad of problems, including chronic fatigue. Improving your posture can ultimately improve your energy level, making it easier for you to live a full and happy life.


Bad posture puts more strain on your muscles, bones and joints than good posture. When your body is aligned properly, all of your bones, joints, and muscles work together efficiently. This allows you to feel energized, refreshed, and comfortable. Unfortunately, bad posture is common, and is also detrimental to a person’s health and overall sense of wellbeing. When bad posture occurs, especially for long periods of time, it becomes difficult for the muscles and joints to work properly. Bad posture puts a greater strain on the body’s muscles, which results in a greater energy consumption to get you moving. Of course, a greater consumption of energy in order to do normal daily tasks will leave you feeling fatigued faster.

Posture can also affect your range of movement. If you have habitually bad posture, it is likely that some of your muscles are shortening and compressing, which directly affects your range of motion. Psychologically, a low range of motion can lead to chronic fatigue. It can be depressing to feel limited in your range of motion. Not only that, but a limited range of motion causes many people to increase their tendencies to slouch and slump, which can result in a cycle of chronic fatigue.

Ideally, a person should stand and sit straight, so that their body feels straight, even and balanced. Unfortunately, most people do not maintain good posture. Because of this, it is no wonder that so many people suffer from conditions such as chronic fatigue. Getting more energy and reducing your fatigue could be as simple as improving your posture.

And though you should consciously try to stand straight to develop good habits, the truth is you do have a well-designed postural system. A system designed to maintain good posture without effort.

The chiropractors at the Spine and Health Centers in Crow’s Nest and North Sydney  are expert chiros that are trained in activating the postural systems in your body, so you stand up straight without effort or thinking.

Spine and Health chiro’s utilise   – ABC technique,  a new postural technique that restores posture in their clients without the clients having to do any rehab or homework.

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