Posture and What it Tells People About You

We all know that good posture is important, but what most people don’t realise is that your posture tells the world a lot about you. Good posture is important not only to your health, but also to others’ perception of your moods, attitude, and personality. People who hunch forward give signs that the person is anxious, shy, or closed off to socialisation. Raised shoulders signal fear, frustration, and tension or stress. Your posture and body language tells the world a lot about you, but did you know that it can also affect your hormonal state and mental state?

Harvard studies have shown that people who use power poses more often than other poses are more confident, happier, and are even prone to proper hormone production. This is especially true where testosterone is concerned. Men who use power poses typically produce more testosterone than those who do not. Part of this is due to the changes in mentality that are caused by your posture. People who feel timid or shy should be encouraged to use power poses. Power poses are postures in which a person takes up a lot of space, rather than folding or curling inwards to – perhaps subconsciously – feel smaller. The regular use of power posing can increase confidence, boost self-esteem, and boost testosterone production, according to Harvard University.

Many people also do not realise that their posture can affect their apparent weight and age. Research has shown that poor posture can make you look older and fatter. Unnatural curvature of the spine can cause your stomach or backside to protrude in a way that adds weight to the figure. Additionally, poor posture can add age to your body. People who develop a sway back or hump back as a result of years of poor posture are often perceived as being older than they actually are. Improving your posture can take years and pounds off of your figure!

The Spine and Health Centre has chiropractors that can help by using a chiropractic postural technique that aims to reverse poor posture in their clients.

Located in their two clinics, Crows Nest and North Sydney , Spine and Health Chiropractors have post masters qualifications in Chiropractic postural Technique.

If you want to look more attractive, younger and project a more confident image to others come in and get your posture assessed!

Spine and Health service clients in the lower north shore, Crows Nest and North Sydney.