Repetitive Strain Injuries Treatment

Have you ever heard of R.S.I.? It was talked about so much when computers were first on the market, people were sitting at the computer doing repetitive actions with their arms for long periods of time, working on keyboards that didn’t fit their body; were working too fast; were not having breaks; were holding their muscles in the same position for a long time and were working for long periods of time. It was these people that were targets for R.S.I. or more commonly called repetitive strain injury.

If you think that you may suffer from RSI, Chiropractor Adam Meredith provides work place assessments as well as repetitive strain injury treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre.

What are the signs and symptoms you may ask, well the first signs you might experience could be soreness, tingling or discomfort in your neck, arms, wrists, fingers or shoulders. If you do experience these signs or symptoms it is strongly recommended that you seek advice as unfortunately, over time a minor condition like this can turn into a crippling injury with very little warning. Even if your symptoms are minor, it would be beneficial to have it checked; and as mentioned above, repetitive strain injury treatment in North Sydney by Adam at his Chiropractic Spine and Health Centre is always available for you.

A question commonly asked is if you suffer from RSI, how is your body affected? Primarily RSI damages your muscles and tendons as well as the nerves that run through your muscles and tendons. Every time your muscles are used tiny tears happen in your muscle tissue, this area in your muscle then becomes inflamed, your body tries to repair it but if you continue with the repetitive actions it becomes very thick and scar tissue forms over the torn muscle tissue causing even more pain. If you do not seek treatment, the cycle gets worse and worse causing further damage.

The team at North Sydney Spine and Health centre has noticed a strong correlation between poor posture and RSI. When the head is forward and the upper back is a bit hunched it affects the nerves that come out between the neck bones often putting them under increased tension. There is usually associated muscle spasm and increased neck and back stiffness. In this altered posture the functioning of the shoulders and upper limb often right down to the hands is affected and can lead to RSI.

It is at the early stage that you should really seek assessment and treatment, but if you have let it go and you are at the severe stages it is essential that you seek urgent assessment and advice. Adam Meredith and his team at North Sydney have found that by correcting posture as well as treating the RSI directly is a great combination for sufferers

Adam provides work place assessments as well as repetitive strain injury treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre.

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