Shoulder Issues Treatment

Shoulder issues such as aches and pains; sore muscles and it ‘hurts to move’ are very, very common complaints which can be attributed to either an injury, general wear and tear, posture and even by the natural ageing process.

The anatomical overview and function of the shoulder will help in understanding the mechanism behind how it works; the shoulder is made up of many parts. Basically the shoulder is what we call a ‘ball-and-socket’ joint where three main bones join together which are:

• Humerus (the upper arm bone)

• Clavicle (the collarbone) and the

• Scapula (the shoulder blade).

These three bones are joined together by five components

• Muscles, (muscles move in different direction so that the joint can work);

• Tendons (tendons are like a tough piece of cord that joins these muscle to the bone);

• Ligaments (ligaments are like a large elastic band that bind the bones of the joint together);

• Cartilage (cartilage is a smooth material that stops the bones from grating against each other) and finally the

• Synovial membrane (this membrane contains fluid to keep the joint moving smoothly).

Shoulder problems can be both minor and major and symptoms can include pain, swelling, limited range of movement, numbness & tingling and even a change in temperature and color. Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team have had great results in shoulder issues treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre .

Sometimes we may suffer a sudden, or acute, injury to our shoulder either from playing sports, falling over and putting our arm out in front of us to prevent the fall, or even abnormal twisting or bending, this pain may be sudden and severe and we need treatment immediately, once again Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team can help with sever and acute shoulder issues treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre .

A number of shoulder injuries arise from direct trauma through sports or falls. You may be diagnosed with one of the following condition, a bruised shoulder which is commonly called a contusion, which is when small blood vessels under the skin tear or rupture, often due to a twist, bump, or fall. A sprain which is an injury to the ligaments; a strain which is an injury to the muscles; or injuries to the nerves which is called brachial plexus neuropathy ; damage to the tendon which is called a torn rotator cuff and most sever would be a fracture . All of these conditions can be attended to by Adam Meredith who specializes in shoulder issues treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre .

But a large majority of clients that undergo shoulder issues treatment have symptoms which come on without any apparent cause, that is until you understand the role posture plays in shoulder issues.

Bad posture starts when the head goes forward ( usually from working hours at the computer) .For every inch the head moves forward the effective weight of the head doubles and the muscles in the neck have to work 10 times harder. This increases the load through the neck joints, creating increased strain and injury to the neck.

The problem is further complicated as the rest of the spine compensates for the forward head posture. The first of these compensations occurs in the thoracic spine – that is the upper back – Now the shoulder joint rests on the thoracic spine, so as the thoracic spine changes shape ( usually it gets more humped as posture becomes worse) the shoulder joint no-longer sits properly and the shoulder muscles work in ways they where not supposed. This change in joint position and muscle function can lead to shoulder injuries that pop up seemingly from now where. The way to truly fix the shoulder is to improve the posture so that the shoulder‘s are in their proper position and work properly.

Shoulder issues treatment in North Sydney at Adams Spine and Health Centre is so successful because it focuses on the important relationship between posture and shoulder function