Step 3: Full Body Posture X-rays ( Bulked billing available )

All our Doctors are trained and qualified to take Full standing Postural X-rays. Our Crows Nest Clinic has the lastest state of the Art X-ray Unit, Specially modified to be able to take Full Standing Postural X-rays, which we can bulk bill for our clients who have an active medicare card.

Why we built our own radiology centre in our Crows Nest practice

We were very frustrated with the x-rays we were able to order for our clients. We were unable to find radiology centers who where able to take full standing postural x-rays. Occassionally when we did, we where unable to Bulk Bill these specialized x-rays for our clients.

So we built our own Radiology Centre and now for our clients in Crows Nest, North Sydney Mosman and Gladesville we can take Full body Posture X-rays. Posture X-rays which are often needed to accurately diagnose postural distortions and spinal arthritis so we can get our clients well again.

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