Step 4: Brain and Balance testing ( Find your biological balance age )

When you see bad posture you are actually looking at the brains inhability to function properly. At the back of the brain is the Cerebellum ( which means little brain ). The cerebellum is responsible amongst other things Posture and Balance and gait ( so it controls how well we move ). When you see a person with bad posture you are actually seeing directly how well the cerebellum is functioning.

Because we are committed to getting our clients to be pain free and posture perfect we not only take a digital postural photo but we also measure their balance. By having an accurate measure of balance we can see in real time how well the cerebellum is working or rather not working.

With this information we can set about a treatment plan that improves the functioning of the cerebellum. As this function improves, posture improves, balance and coordination improves and pain improves also.

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