Stress and Nervous Tension Treatment

Feeling stressed and under pressure with nervous tension is generally when you feel that the demands that are being placed on you and your body are greater than your ability to cope, the pressures can either be external (work, career, family) or internal (posture misalignment). Regardless of the cause Adam and his team at his Chiropractic Spine and Health Centre who specialize in stress & nervous tension treatment in North Sydney can assist you. Their n on-invasive chiropractic treatment is extremely effective, is drug free and above all can restore your posture at the same time as reducing stress and tension, their specialized treatment is readily available to assist you with your problems, it is completely non-invasive and painless.

Stress affects everybody differently, some of us experience anxiety, depression, tension or even anger, sometimes it affects the way in which we think causing poor concentration, forgetfulness, and indecisiveness and even in severe cases we may feel absolutely hopeless. Some external factors such as drinking, smoking, over-weight problems, gambling as well as obsessive-compulsive disorders may also contribute to our feelings of stress and nervous tension.

Non-invasive chiropractic treatment is extremely effective in treating stress and related disorders, treatment is drug free and holistic in its approach to total wellness. Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team has had great results in stress & nervous tension treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre. Adam and his team can demonstrate very clearly that there is a link between posture and health, they understand the anatomy and physiology of your body and are readily available to assess and develop a personalized treatment just for you and your body. They don’t fall into the trap of m any health practitioners of today who simply treat your stress and anxiety without looking at the underlying cause.

While you’re reading this lets do a very simple exercise. Think of the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you, now think of a very sad moment or story that you have heard. Now, while you were doing that several things happened in your body, firstly when you were happy your brain has an automatic response to send signals certain muscles in our body to contract resulting in a smile and laugh J . However the sad moment also triggered a similar response, a frown, a slouch and slouched shoulders L . Posture can have a similar effect on your emotions, forward head carriage, rounded shoulders and a stooped posture is the posture of someone sad. The reason you may be feeling stressed or overworked is because your posture is sending a continuous ‘I’m depressed’ message to your brain and nervous system. By correcting your posture and making you stand straight the message changes to ‘all’s well and I’m in control’ which can have a huge impact on your stress levels and emotional states.

Adam and his team understand that when we feel under stress, our body changes in many different ways, our heartbeat, our breathing and our blood pressure all increase putting a greater demand on our bodies. That’s why it is extremely important that you keep yourself healthy with good nutrition, exercise and even develop a regular relaxation program, and your optimum outcome would be to consult a professional who understands the anatomy and physiology of your body like Adam and his team at his Chiropractic Spine and Health Centre who specialize in stress & nervous tension treatment in North Sydney.