Could Your Back Pain be a Disc Herniation?

Have you ever heard of someone having a “slipped” disc, a bulged disc, or a disc herniation? All of these terms refer to the same thing! One thing must be cleared up to start though – you cannot physically “slip” your disc! It’s anatomically impossible!!

A disc herniation are caused by excessive load forces and can also be idiopathic (unknown). In between each of your vertebrae your discs sit as your natural “shock absorbers”, which are made up of a fibrous annular ring and a soft centre.

When put under excessive load by lifting heavy items for example, it is possible to tear the outer annular ring, which allows for the soft centre (nucleus pulposis) to push through. Due to the make up of the body, that is the presence of ligaments and such encasing structures, it is most common for herniation to occur in a posterio-lateral direction, although it as been known to occur medially.

So does it cause pain??

A herniated disc does not necessarily cause pain! It depends on the location of the herniation and whether or not it is in contact with, or causes disturbance to, spinal nerve roots.

The herniated disc can push directly on nerve roots, which are interpreted as pain thus alerting you to the problem. Similarly, in trying to stabilize the area, your body can invoke an inflammatory response, which equally puts pressure on the nerve roots and also sends pain signals!

How Chiropractic care can help…

Chiropractic care aims at relieving your painful symptoms by correcting your posture. In realigning your vertebrae to their correct or more ideal position, pressure on the disc causing the herniation is released, allowing it to recoil to it’s ideal position and to repair itself.

If you suffer from back pain you could be suffering from a disc herniation! To find out more and to have your posture checked, please come and visit one of your local chiropractors here at Spine and Health. Conveniently located on the Lower North Shore in Crows Nest and North Sydney the Spine and Health Chiro’s are the experts in Pain and Posture.

They will conduct a digital postural analysis and come up with a specially designed plan of action for you should they decide that Chiro care would benefit you and your wellbeing.

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