Case Study- Chronic Low Back Pain and Nerve Pain

Steve first attended the North Sydney Spine and Health Centre for chiropractic treatment on February 12th 2014 complaining of chronic lower back pain and nerve pain into his left leg following a disc injury 10 years prior, for which he had received some treatment for but with little change.

Steve received postural therapy from Dr Tom Terrell and noticed a massive improvement in the level and frequency of his pain. As treatment has progressed Steve has reported feeling as though his posture was vastly improved and he feels younger that when he first consulted the office!

stevebefore-Chiropractic-sydney-posture-chiropractorSteve AfterSteveafter-Chiropractic-sydney-posture-chiropractor-northsydney

 Before Postural Therapy                                               After Postural Therapy

Things to notice on Steve’s posture assessments:

  • Head and shoulders back
  • Eyes looking straight ahead and not down at the ground
  • Shoulders not rounded, with no slouching seen!
  • Chest sitting up increasing the body’s ability to effectively take in oxygen
  • Standing tall
  • Looking significantly thinner!

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