Whiplash Injuries Treatment

Whiplash is the result of a sudden movement of your head, that movement being a quick ‘back and forth’ movement. This ‘back & forth’ movement affects the soft tissue in the neck; the ligaments; tendons and muscles and it is the movement experienced in the majority of car accidents, whiplash injuries are the most frequently recorded accidents and injuries among workers compensation and third party claims in Australia.

Whiplash is not a medical term but it has been used for this type of injury since the early 1920’s, these days the same injury is also called acceleration flexion-extension neck injury and soft tissue cervical hyperextension injury , but the medical professions generally use the terms cervical sprain; cervical strain or hyperextension injury.

Chiropractor Adam Meredith and his team have had great results in whiplash injuries treatment in North Sydney at his Spine and Health Centre. Adam’s team can not only treat your whiplash injures but put you onto a program that enhance your lifestyle. Understand the anatomy and physiology of your body is essential in developing a personalized treatment plan for you.

The symptoms of w hiplash vary as does the time they develop, some people experience symptoms straight away, others could experience them hours later. Symptoms can include neck pain and swelling; tenderness or muscle spasm along the side or back of the neck; difficulty in the range of movement associated with the neck; headaches and even shooting pain shooting into your shoulder or arm from the neck.

It is preferable to seek treatment immediately so that the body can be treated and has the ability to go through the healing process and this is where Adam and his team at his Chiropractic Spine and Health Centre who specialize in whiplash injuries treatment in North Sydney can assist you, their n on-invasive chiropractic treatment is extremely effective; is drug free and above all can restore neck and surrounding body to its original functional capacity.