Back Pain

Back pain effects 8 in 10 people in Western countries at some point in their lives. What most people don’t realize is the key to most back pain cases is poor posture. For every inch of forward head carriage one has the weight of the head doubles. This results in compensation by core muscles (posture muscles) and an increase in the load on the spine. With poor posture our bodies are vulnerable and normal daily movement can result in pain.

Lifestyle choices can help reduce the likelihood of such complaints. Regular exercise, losing those few extra kilos we’ve gained over the years, improving work practices and concurrently reducing stress levels are all steps we have control over to improve our posture, well-being, pain (or susceptibility to pain).

If you have back pain come in and visit us at one of our four Spine & Health Centers located in Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman and Gladesville. By correcting your posture we will be able to alleviate your symptoms and improve your overall well being.