Sway or Flat Back causing you Pain?

We know it sounds quirky but sway back and flat back are legitimate structural abnormalities of the spine that are common in today’s society and is an underlying factor causing back pain!

The techy names are hyperlordosis (sway back) and hypolordosis (flat back), and that’s just it, it refers to the lordosis of your back!

Your spine has natural curves, primary (kyphosis) and secondary (lordosis). The primary curve involves your thoracic spine (upper back) and the bottom of your spine (sacrum and coccyx) and is your body’s initial curvature. The secondary curve is formed when your baby starts to hold his/her head up and then further when it stands up, involving the neck and lumbar spine (lower back), which is known as the lordosis.

A hyperlordosis (sway back) is where the normal lordosis of the spine is over-exaggerated thus the neck is more prominent and the buttocks protrude. In laymen’s terms, it means that your spine curves inward more than it should naturally. This alters the weight distribution putting a far greater load on the junction of your lumbar spine and sacrum causing lower back pain.

A hypolordosis (flat back) is quite literally the opposite. The curvature of the spine has a far less angle than required for ideal posture. The distribution of weight is also not ideal putting more pressure through the thoracolumbar region, which causes upper back pain.

So what causes hyperlordosis versus hypolordosis?

Many factors can affect the spine: chemical, emotional and physical factors. In today’s society many of us are chronically stressed and partake in the same remedial tasks in the same sitting position day in and day out. In hyper and hypolordosis cases the muscles are not working in balance.  Hyperlordosis is caused by/and causes the hip flexors and trunk extensors to tighten(psoas, erector spinae and quadratus lumborum); and the abdominal muscles and hip extensors to weaken (gluteus maximus and hamstrings). This imbalance allows for your pelvis to be pulled forward and down overextending the lower back and thus causing lower back pain.

In hyporlordosis the opposite happens: the hip flexors and trunk extensors are weak, whilst the abdominal muscles and hip extensors are strong, causing a flattening out the natural curves and thus upper back pain.

Are you suffering from upper or lower back pain? Have you ever considered that perhaps the curvatures in your spine are either under or over exaggerated? Your local chiropractors at Spine and Health are experts in pain and posture! They will examine your posture with a digital postural analysis and come up with an action plan tailored to you needs.

Poor posture is not a life sentence- chiropractic care can return your posture to its ideal position. To help you to look better, feel better and move better, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

You too can look forward to a pain free future.

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Are your High Heels Causing Back Pain?

It is pretty safe to say that majority of women love high heels. They make you feel more professional, sassy and fashionable. So it is no surprise that millions of women wear them on a daily basis but what they perhaps don’t realise is the detrimental effect the footwear are having on the rest of their body. Women are in pain and they don’t even realise it is caused by their high heels!
A high price to pay for fashion.


High heels put your feet in a plantar-flexed position (pointing downwards) and shift our weight on to the balls of your feet. So you’re essentially standing on your tippy toes and your body must compensate for the change in centre of gravity to stop you from falling over! The knock on effect of standing on the balls of your feet is that the lower part of your body shifts forward and the upper part of your body shifts backwards to keep you balanced and thus changes the angles and curves of your knees, pelvis, and spine. This all means that surrounding supportive muscles and ligaments have to work harder to maintain your upright position because your body is not in its correct posture to do so itself. This causes a huge amount of stress, strain and ultimately pain, which in the case of high heels is predominantly in the lower back.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a shoe could ruin your posture! We are standing beings, and although societal behaviours are progressing to an unnatural proportion of time spent sitting (at work, infront of the TV and so on), if we are not standing in our correct posture then we are on our pathway to permanent poor posture and pain.

The Chiros at Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman and Gladesville are experts in pain and posture. If you are suffering from back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or neck pain it is worth your while reconsidering your footwear and coming to have your posture realigned.

We are not saying that you should never wear heels, because quite frankly it is hard to give up life’s little pleasures completely, all we are saying is that you should limit your use as to minimise the negative effects they have on your posture. Furthermore we recommend you seek professional help from your local Lower North Shore Chiropractors in order to help you be the best that you can be.

Chiropractic care aims at realigning the joints in your body so that you are in the ideal posture for peak performance. Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique, used by the Spine and Health Chiropractors, acknowledges humans as standing beings and majority of their adjustments are thus performed in the upright position. Furthermore they view the feet as pivotal to misalignment – if the base of your upright position is out of alignment then other parts of your body must adapt to counteract it and thus alter your posture.

Poor posture causes a multitude of altercations in the body and ultimately results in pain. If you are in pain or would like to prevent the inevitability of pain caused by your poor posture please come and visit one of the Spine and Health Chiropractors in Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman or Gladesville. They will conduct a digital postural analysis and then together you can construct an action plan to improve your posture. To look better, feel better and move better please call the Spine and Health team today.

 So give your Manolo Blahnik’s and your spine a break. Learn to love your flats and your local Chiro!


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Pain in the Back! But only on one side?

One Sided Back Pain can often be misdiagnosed and can actual be your pelvis and not your back.

The Sacro-illiac Joint is actually in your pelvis, and these joints can be the source of your pain!

( You can the position of these joints as the two dimples at the base of your spine , just above where the top of your underpants come to )

Low back pain felt in the lower right or left side of the back is a common presentation.

And the origination of this pain can be from the SI joints.


Often it is both!

SI dysfunction , can be the  result of improper function of the spine, which  causing the SI joint to become inflamed and therefore painful.

Sufferers of SI problems experience low back pain in the lower right or left side of the lower back. Chiropractors from the Four Spine and Health Clinics in Crows Nest, North Sydney, Mosman and Gladesville, have been seeing SI sufferers for years.

Dr. Yoon from the Crows Nest Spine and Health says “ you often see with SI sufferers, pain going from a sitting to standing position, turning over in bed, sitting in a chair for long periods. But it is the pain experienced from Sitting to Standing that really gives the clue its the SI Joint! The confusing thing is that SI pain can mimic Back pain, by referring  pain into the buttocks, groin and hips, thus tricking practitioners into thinking its Sciatica, or hip problems”

The Spine and Health Centre, are trained in the relief and treatment of back pain and hip pain.

Our Chiropractic office’s have the most comprehensive analysis of the spine and our dedicated team of Chiropractors will find out the true cause of you low back pain and the best way to move forwards with treatment.

By treating the cause of the problems, we can achieve results that are more than just symptom relief, but a true cause of the pain.

We are established in four centres in the lower north shore. Gladesville, Crows nest, Mosman, North Sydney. Make an appointment today to find out the true cause of your back pain, because it could be your SI joints and not your back!